Hey! Welcome to Pravda. We're a band from Cape Town. We make a pretty wide range of music, all loosely related to jazz. We're always evolving.

This is basically a lifetime passion project featuring me and some really good friends. My name is John Bartmann. I was born in 1982 and have been writing and performing music my whole life. I started putting the name Pravda on my music in about 2007. Pravda means "The Truth" in Russian. I'm still writing and producing music every day. I share my heartfelt beliefs in the Simple Truths Blog.

Maybe you're here because you saw us play live. Thanks for coming! We're always working out ways to perform our songs for people who like them live. I'm gonna guess you're here because you believe in good old-fashioned songwriting. I'm gonna guess you're someone who listens to the lyrics of songs.

So that's what we do. I play guitar and sing, have a music podcast and edit radio and audio fiction in real life. My friend Django plays drums, produces much of our music and also DJs at special events. Callan plays bass, manages Soaring Free SuperFoods and sells reusable drinking eco-straws


We currently produce and release all our new music personally to the small group on our email and WhatsApp lists. It's an amazing time for the independents. We even got a track signed to a label in Paris but they unfortunately screwed us a bit. Now we're trying out something new by releasing new music directly to our fans. We write pretty songs about love and travel, and also deeper ones about technology and identity. Stuff like that. 

New music is only currently available directly, via email or WhatsApp. So join our mailing list and get start listening to new music by Pravda.

You can check out our older stuff on our music page.

My hope with this project is to succeed in a few ways. I want to find the people that really matter. I want the songs to reach people, even if I don't know them. I want to fully convey the personal depth behind this project. I want to share how much your sincere support means to us as a band. Thank you for believing in us!

-- Johnny

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