Autoplay will not satisfy you

We have a problem. Entertainment leaves us feeling better. Much better. Right now. For a bit. It cushions us against reality. Entertainment is a comforting, stabilizing force. It’s a reinforcement of existing behavior. We no longer have to wait for any gratification.

Challenge this comfort. It requires us to suspend our apathy and be vulnerable. It requires action. It requires that we don’t allow autoplay, messenger groups, memes and feeds too much freedom. It requires enough self-awareness to admit responsibility for the laziness that comes with easily available entertainment.

We are here to grow as people. To make a habit of leaving the comfort zone. To hunt down substance. To find the truly satisfying depths of human experience in spirituality, the arts, mind-altering substances and nature.

We live in a time where unprecedented risks are still too new for their effects to be evaluated. One of them is the risk of being entertained to death. Entertainment could well soften our brains to mush if we’re not critical enough. We need to stand more firmly against the costly nature of over-convenience. We need to learn to earn our entertainment a little more.

The change I aim to make is to use my music to enable more meaningful interaction between people about things that matter. This takes the form of challenging, often thought-provoking and socially conscious song lyrics. It takes a cautious view of technology.

We need to resist outsourcing the curation of our minds (and music feeds) to algorithms. We need to take more responsibility for our headspace. We need to accept that autoplay has a cost, and seek out to define and identify what shape that cost takes.

- Johnny

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