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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

join the TRIBE so we can...

• Premiere our new music with you directly

• Send you invitations and free tickets to our shows

• Communicate only with those who want to, occasionally and non-intrusively

Here's the deal

We will send a short, simple message to your phone via WhatsApp...

When we finish a new song and are ready to share it, before it's available anywhere else. It looks something like the one below.

When we have an upcoming live performance that we'd like you to attend. Your full name will be on a printed sheet at the door. If there's a cover charge, WhatsApp tribe members get a concession or discounted ticket.

How to sign up

1. Join the list by submitting your full name, WhatsApp number and email address.

2. You'll get a once-off reply from me (Johnny B) via WhatsApp explaining what to expect. It looks something like this:

3. Add me as a contact on your phone. You can save my name as Johnny B, John Bartmann, PRAVDA or whatever you want. The messages will not reach you if this step isn't completed.

4. That's it! You'll then receive ticket discounts, new music and other exclusive stuff by the band before it's available anywhere else. Share it. Encourage people who might like it to sign up.

The two-way promise

We will never share your private details with anyone. If event promoters ask for your details to grow their database, we will politely tell them no. You, the true fans, are more important to us than fame and fortune.

We will not spam you with annoying promotional material, jokes or memes.

• A WhatsApp broadcast list works differently to a WhatsApp group. You will not see any other members. You will not receive replies from any other members.

You may leave the list any time by sending a simple message to me directly requesting so.

Only want emails? You may also join our email list without submitting your WhatsApp number.

By joining this list, you will have my personal phone number. Please respect my privacy and I will respect yours. Please do not send me jokes, memes, unsolicited promotional material or event invites unless I ask for them.

Zero bullshit

We're a small band without many actual fans. We want to reward our true fans by giving you the music you want way before it gets mass distributed by streaming services like Spotify and YouTube. We feel that the importance placed on Facebook likes and YouTube plays demeans the integrity of our work. Hope that doesn't sound too pretentious, but it's the truth. So we'd like to make some changes to how we interact with our existing fans. And also to invite new fans to experience the passion that goes into our music. With love, from us, to you!

Why WhatsApp?

Technology is incredible, but also tends to take advantage of human weaknesses. People tend to believe that huge streaming play counts and video views are what makes a song good. Many times, popular songs deserve their massive appeal. But very often, likes and subscribers are simply bought and paid for, and the work is perceived to be more important than it really is. As a result, good music by talented, hard-working artists gets squashed into obscurity by generic, mass-produced, risk-free, plainly tasteless and heavily sponsored conformity. Music is bigger than that, and deserves better.

By using WhatsApp as our preferred medium for distribution, we believe we're using the best that technology has to offer while avoiding the hype cycle that surrounds new pop music. We want a small number of fans that are thrilled by our work and proud of what we do as an independent South African band. WhatsApp allows us to connect with fans with close to 100% efficiency. The private nature of the communications allows fans to be exposed to our work in a way that is self-determining and uninfluenced by popular opinion. These are the only people we want to include in our story.

Ready? Join our WhatsApp tribe and let's start finding the others like us.

Join the tribe

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