Narrower and narrower

When our band gathers on Tuesday evenings to run our set and create new music, we're not thinking about how to gain a huge following online. We're thinking about how to gain a small following at the local bar where we play.

When we create new songs and release their lyric videos to about 40 people only on WhatsApp, we're not thinking about how to go viral or capitalize on any target market. We're thinking about how thrill a few people with songs about things that they can relate to, like hiking in Cape Town and the global perils of social media.

Very little of what we are trying to achieve is about making a profit. This is a labor of love. Pravda may always be a sunk cost. Because by appealing to real people with a small, tangible offering, you forsake a broader marketplace. That's OK. The broad path seeks to please everyone by imitating the average. It only satisfies people in its capacity to make them money or earn them status. This is what we did in our previous incarnation as a corporate 'futurejazz' band. It didn't work. We did make money, but the cost of imitation was too high. So we moved on to a narrower, more caring audience.

I don't know if this will work either. But at least this way, we get to be the actual highlight of someone's day rather than another band pretending to be American for the sake of social media traffic.

At this point in my life, I am curious about the consequences are of making such real human connections.

- Johnny

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