OK here's the plan

Here are the changes to Pravda for 2019

1. Quit trying to gain new fans in South Africa. We love you guys, and you'll have to be a South African musician to understand. So...

2. Write better music. And by better, I mean more specific and loved more by fewer, more loyal people all over the place. You see, being a genre band is a good way to end up making generic music. Don't feel the need to do swing-jazz and dance influenced stuff anymore. Got a lot more to say than "dance!" Full album plans for later in the year.

3. Bring it home. By that I mean I (the Ghost aka Pravda aka Johnny B) will have to rely less on the spectacular commitment I got from the rest of the guys last year and more on my own ability to spawn awesome.

4. Continue being independent. Why? Because it's the spirit of this odd project, which is long overdue for retirement. I have no plans to stop ever releasing music under the name Pravda, on the condition that it is whatever it needs to be and never 'for' anyone or any label or classification. The moment it stops being independent, local and even corny is the moment it dies a soul-death. I aim to keep it alive, so I'm gonna keep on writing and releasing quirky stuff for the weird people out there.

5. Take it all less seriously.

Thanks for being one of the 10 people who will probably ever visit this page! If you're not on the mailing list, it's hilarious and definitely relevant to people like you who actually click through and read to the end. The end.

Johnny B

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