Our New Video Is About Plastic Pollution

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Here's the press release about our new video:

The Octaveleap Music team is proud to announce the release of new music video ‘Flock With Me’ by Cape Town future jazz band Pravda. The video was produced in partnership with volunteer cleanup communities in the Muizenberg area in order to draw attention to plastic pollution in the Zandvlei Estuary and its surrounds.

The music group has partnered with local enterprises seeking to improve the state of the city’s waterways. The Grey Environmental Warriors are a group of volunteers shouldering the responsibility for collecting and disposing of waste products found in the city’s waterways. The community activists are currently not affiliated with any formal organisation. “We don’t get paid, so that frees us up from sponsor traps and the greenwashing business,” says community organiser Kevin Rack. “We clean. We pressure Government through civic groups. We create environmental policies, give talks to schools and try live a waste-free life. If pollution ends, we can rest.”

As a result of the group’s ongoing campaign, the city council has begun scheduled morning cleanups of Muizenberg beach. The environmental activists are also affiliated with The Peninsula Paddle, an annual kayaking event in which participants make their way from Muizenberg to Milnerton along the city’s interconnected waterways, passing through neglected areas like Lavender Hill along the way. The event aims to raise awareness about the blue-green water corridors which hold the potential to join previously divided areas and to bring to the attention of the City of Cape Town and public the condition of the waterways.

The feather-light ‘Flock With Me’ music video features images of some of the indigenous bird wildlife found in the Marina da Gama nature reserve. Pravda is committed to raising awareness about Cape Town’s water situation. Since having their original single ‘Night And Day (ft Tamara Kesner)’ signed to Paris-based record label Wagram Music, the band has since been active in environmental awareness of Cape Town’s most precious resource - fresh water. The nationally touring electro-swing outfit follows in the footsteps of other local bands by performing originals and jazz standards influenced by electronic dance music.

“Jazz is huge in Cape Town,” says John Bartmann, who founded the group in 2006. "Hopefully we can use our talents to grow an understanding about how difficult it is to dispose of plastic. By partnering with these groups who volunteer their time to keep the city beautiful, we hope to express our ongoing effort to raise awareness about both the problem and the solutions around single use of plastic products."

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Video credits:

Videographer: Christine Hogg

Assistant: Adrian Coetzer

Editor: John Bartmann

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