Restless Day

The lyrics to Restless Day explained in blue.

Farewell restless day We will meet again

It never fails to surprise me that I'm somehow still self-employed. However, I do often get to the end of a long, hard day of working to figure things out, and even though I've been busy the whole day, I ask myself, "what have I actually done today?" These two lines encapsulate the feeling nicely. I know it's never the last time.

What you've bravely done Is not for everyone

This is the heart of the song. In all my work, I aim for a very, very small niche. The vast majority will never hear my work as Pravda or my soundtrack music and commission work. Not because they outnumber my tribe, but because it's simply not broad enough. It's not for everyone. I get great satisfaction and peace from understanding this simple truth. It enables me to do something special for those few people.

Time plays its only hand Time only goes one way.

And I manage To get this down I often feel that writing is actually an act of listening. This song came to me at night, shortly before I went to bed. It was clear to me that I needed to get it out right then and there, or risk losing it entirely.

Before I go to ground Before I die.

You have gone unheard In a busy place Oh man. Ask anyone who turned to the internet to publish something they consider to be good. It gets completely ignored. I feel this so deeply. After all that I've done, so little in return. A sense of entitlement to huge play counts. But really, when I look at it through the lens of Pravda (ie honestly), I realize that even a small number of people who really care means more than big numbers.

Abstract string of code Under every face A reference to Facebook and its power to reduce us to digital identities. We give it that power.

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