so positive right now

One thing about perseverance. You eventually escape the dip.

You know the dip? The one that lies just after the initial excitement of a new project, song or album. The glowing hype that you're fully entitled to share with friends because starting something new is awesome. Then, the dip. Friends have seen you play live a couple of times and move on. Bandmates start making excuses and cancelling rehearsals. Venues take a look at your Facebook following and decide not to book you because you can't pull in the numbers. Your enthusiasm plummets.

This is where the work begins.

The work is getting through the dip by persevering with very little outside encouragement. This means spending your sunny Sundays not clicking shit on Facebook but away from the computer-as-a-toy and writing new material with a pencil and paper. Probably alone, possibly resulting in songs nobody will hear because only the best ones make it.

This can go on for years.

And then, eventually, after being relegated to obscurity by two-figure play counts, repeatedly humiliated by the indifference of even your family and closest allies, you get bright, beautiful moments like these. Moments where you remember what you're doing it for. Last night, we piled the gear into the car and headed to our local spot in Muizenberg to do a setlist run-through for the bar staff. There was nobody else. But despite the lack of adoring crowds, Django and I once again felt the same thrill of passion running down our spines. No computer backing tracks to hide behind. No corny, hackneyed, boring electro-swing covers for 'vintage-inspired' theme wedding pre-drinks functions. No need to borrow my rich older brother's shoes to fit in because I have my own sneakers, and if those aren't good enough for you, I love you but you can piss off. High on passion, energy drinks, coffee, soft drinks (and more) with a borrowed, cherry red Fender slung over my shoulder and a blues slide on my left pinkie just ripping through the tune. There are people who love what you do. There are people who think you're good enough for them. You don't need to compromise. You need to find these people.

I'm learning to sing. To really fuckin' sing.

Dunno what's ahead. But the dip is behind.

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