Why does nobody listen to my music?

It's a very, very common frustration for artists trying to get plays. So here's a story. It’s about that person you know who went on to achieve a career as a full-time creative.

Someone made the time and freedom to be able to dabble in something creative.

Then, instead of moving on, they persisted in their effort. They were compelled by something other than favorable conditions. They continued with it, even when conditions were unfavorable. They created a habit out of it. Soon, a day without it seemed incomplete.

In time, they completed a body of work. They were praised for it. They made it their career. They succeeded.

The recipe was this:

1. The work was truly creative. It didn’t aspire to fit into the status quo. If anything, it sought to disrupt or comment on the status quo.

2. The work was finished. The presentation of the work suggested that the audience might love or hate it, but that the feedback process which informed the work was over.

3. The work was abundant. The person who created it did so in volume, unattached to the outcome, largely divorced from the reaction (or lack thereof) to each individual piece. Way more focused on the process than the product.

If you're wondering why so few people seem interested in your work, it's because you're still writing your story. Keep going.

- Johnny

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