You Are Doing Your Best

For you who choose a life of security, I applaud. Through dedicating all of your time and mental and physical energy to a well-advised, diligent career, your have outshone your peers and created a safe space for your loved ones and children. By making good decisions and humbly accepting the knowledge of established and respected leaders, you have survived social obscurity, and now have a voice that others will hear for generations. The future is a bright ocean which you continue to sail in a ship of your making. Forget the doubts which occur on those reflective evenings while, inspired by the shape and brightness of even the waning moon, you virtuously admit that you might have traded in aspirations close to your heart for the pedestrian conformity of everyday life. There’s no shame in being normal. There is love in the eyes of those you have drawn close. You are doing your best.

For you, the stargazing dreamers who, even after being subjected to the piercing jabs of good advice, continue to fight every new languid smear of apathy and still dream their adult lives into the sinkhole of the past, get a job. Any job. There’s no shame in it. How did your greatest inspirational figures survive? Reach into your pocket and read their stories. They worked. But not just for the money. They worked in order to take their minds off the emotional load, to offset the weight of the mysteriously appointed task of taking down the dictations of God, to manifest relentlessly, leaving behind a fiery wake at which others would marvel for generations. These are your heroes. These luminescent human beings are the ones to whom you whisper your prayers. Nobody can imagine that which is quite clear to you. You hold the future in the palm of your hand. You are doing your best.

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