Wow, 12 years of shows, already?! 

PRAVDA is an ensemble of professional music performers and producers. Band members have signed music deals with labels in Paris, Munich and South Africa and toured internationally.

PRAVDA represents passion and integrity. We aim to satisfy every level of clientele, from light background music at weddings to slick, punchy vintage-themed entertainment and in bars and clubs.

The info below offers the band's rates* . Performances can be customized to meet your needs. Rates are affected by the length of the booking time, number of performers (from 2-6 members) and rental needs. 

* All rates are guidelines only until the time of booking. Contact management for a formal quote

Contact John Bartmann for inquiries about 

  • charity events

  • school and university performances

  • repertoire

  • travel queries

  • solo performances

Creating happy clientele is our business. Thank you! 

John Bartmann
+27 82 217 9116
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