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John Bartmann

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Here's what we stand for.

The convenience of music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube comes at a cost. A cost to the artists. Nobody really talks about this, but musicians don't often gain any kind of meaningful exposure (or significant payment) for distributing their original work on these platforms. The platforms offer an unbeatable experience to their listeners, but the artist breakout success stories you do hear about are usually one in a million. The rest of us constantly wonder if it's worth giving all our music away for a remote shot at discovery, even at a local scale. 

There's a way forward. Because so many artists feel this way, new and more ethical streaming options are appearing. Here, check out this cool list of blockchain-powered music streaming platforms. After doing bunch of research, we feel that a green-conscious platform called Feedbands is the one most closely associated with our ideals. They plant trees. We get paid more reasonably in Bitcoin when you listen. Even listeners get paid something for listening. It's not perfect, but it's still better than the mindless noise being promoted by faceless tech entertainment companies dominating our screens and minds. We should be as considerate about the source of our leisure activities as we are about our food and health products. 

So if you want to listen to us ethically, please listen to our music on Feedbands

Thanks for taking that one extra step and truly supporting our work.

-- Johnny

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